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Rainy Season in Kigali

by Plut Properties Rwanda on March 17, 2023

Maintaining that Roof and Fixing Leaks

It is rainy season in Kigali and yes, your house might look great, but there's always a chance of a leaking roof, only showing up during heavy rains.


Foreigner’s rights on land in Rwanda

by Plut Properties Rwanda on April 4, 2022

The new land law and its impact on investment

By Distelle Nana Mbeuyo. Published : April 04, 2022

The real estate sector…


Appliances in Rental Properties

by Plut Properties Rwanda on July 15, 2021

By Dakota July 01, 2021

If you provide free appliances with your rental, you can expect to charge more. Having a dishwasher or a washing machine will make a rental more appealing for potential prospects and generally…


Avoiding Accidental Damage – Making your Property More Durable

by Plut Properties Rwanda on July 15, 2021

By Volodymyr Barabakh July 05, 2021

On average, landlords will spend 1.5x their monthly rent collection each year on maintenance to their property. These figures indicate that there is room for landlords to increase their margins by…


Stay Safe!

by Plut Properties Rwanda on March 23, 2020

As the world battles COVID 19, we wish all our clients well during these trying times. Stay safe, practice social distancing and try to look out for one another. Stay home and use this time to catch up on your…


Kigali Neighborhoods

by Plut Properties Rwanda on November 30, 2018

Real Estate In Rwanda, just like anywhere else is all about locations. People looking to rent a house in Kigali, rent an apartment in Kigali, Buy a house in Kigali, Buy an apartment in Kigali or even buy land in…


Property Inspection Tips

by Plut Properties Rwanda on October 30, 2018

Before you set out to look at properties with an agent, make sure that you have given this agent as much information as possible about the property that you are looking for. Much as the property inspection exercise might seem…


Tips on Buying Real Estate.

by Plut Properties Rwanda on September 23, 2018

It's all about location! Whether you're a first-time buyer, investor or existing homeowner, you need to understand the best locations for your investment, Buying the smallest house on the best street versus the largest house on a less preferred street will…


Can you keep a commitment?

by Plut Properties Rwanda on August 31, 2018

The commitment you made to build a home for yourself, family, or for investment? No matter the type of house you're trying to build, there are two ways, and only two ways to accomplish your dream home.You can either figure it out for yourself......or…