About Plut Properties Rwanda

 Why should I choose plutproperties.com?

Plut Properties is one of the longest existing real estate companies in Rwanda. We have an extensive knowledge of the Rwandan real estate market. We have sold and leased properties in Rwanda and our group of professional agents has experience in dealing with clients from all backgrounds, with different needs.

In which cities do you offer your services?

We work all over Rwanda. Just drop us an email in case you are looking for a property in an area not listed. We will go out there and look for something for you. If you have a property in any part of Rwanda, contact us and we will list it for you.

What kind of properties are listed on your website?

We list all sorts of real estate, from commercial to residential, land, apartments, houses, warehouses, offices etc. If you have a property in Rwanda, contact us and we will list it for you.

Who should I contact in case I face any issues?

Should you face an issues with the website, please drop us an email on info@plutproperties.com or call us on +250 788 411 423 and someone will be on hand to help you as soon as possible.


How many properties can I own?

You can own as many properties as you want.

What are the taxes involved when purchasing a property?

When closing a purchase deal, no taxes are paid, apart from an administrative fee for title processing.

Can I authorize someone else to register my property by granting him Power of Attorney?

Yes, you can have someone to do that for you by providing them a notarized Power of Attorney

How can I register my property?

All property registrations are done at the Sector office for the district in which the property is located. The land notary receives your property registration forms and submits them to the land office where the registration is done.

How could I verify that the documents shown to me by the seller are genuine?

Each property title is registered with a unique UPI number. Dial *651# on your phone and follow the prompts to find out about the details of the property you are trying to buy.

What documents should I check before buying a new property?

Check if the property has a registered title, and that the seller’s names are as they appear on the title, including their Identity details.

Can I sell the property, even when the home loan is outstanding?

If your property is under mortgage, you should first clear the bank before selling the property. The buyer could be willing to pay you the money needed to pay off your loan, and then pay the balance upon transfer of the property.


I want to sell my property. What are the documents a buyer would need from me?

Your original land title and identification documents as they appear on the land title.

Who needs to pay the stamp duty? The seller or the buyer?

This is negotiable, but normally paid by the seller

Is there a procedure to be completed or forms to be filled up on execution of the Sale Deed or Transfer Document?

Yes, the notary at the sector office has forms that are filled before a transfer is done

When is the sale of a residential property formalized?

The sale is formalized at the notary’s office, when seller and buyer fill forms and hand them over to the notary, together with the original land title

I am a property broker. How can plutproperties.com help me?

Contact us and we will get into an agreement where a commission will be shared upon successful business between you and Plut Properties.

I want to sell my property. How can plutproperties.com help me?

Contact us and we will arrange a visit to your property, discuss sales details and list it on our website and other advertising media.