Real Estate In Rwanda, just like anywhere else is all about locations. People looking to rent a house in Kigali, rent an apartment in Kigali, Buy a house in Kigali, Buy an apartment in Kigali or even buy land in Kigali will try to find the best location for their property needs.

Kigali City center.

Real estate in Kigali city center is mainly commercial. Houses for rent and apartments for rent in the Kigali city center will be on a higher price than those outside of the city center. Places like Kiyovu on the other hand, are in the city center, and a house for rent in kiyovu will be a bit older, but more mature in age, with mature trees and larger gardens. Houses for sale in Kiyovu will go for about 150,000 francs per square meter, while land for sale in kiyovu will cost about 100,000 francs per square meter.


In Gasabo is where you will find houses for rent and sale in Kacyiru, Remera, Nyarutarama, Kimihurura, Kagugu, Kibagabaga, Kimironko, Gisozi and a few others areas. Most houses for rent in these areas are modern and bigger, but with smaller gardens. Houses for rent in Kagugu and Nyarutarama are generally more expensive than houses for rent in Kacyiru, Kimihurura, Kibagabaga and the other areas. The choice is big in these areas and prices will normally depend on finishes, amenities and particular location.


Houses for rent and sale in Kicukiro will be a mix of modern and old houses. Prices are more friendly than Gasabo, and you get a lot bigger plots of land in Kicukiro.

Other areas

On our website, you will see houses for sale and rent in Nyamirambo, Bumbogo, Nyanza, Niboye, real estate in Kinyinya, Zindiro and other parts of Kigali in General.

Be sure that with us, you will find something you need, and if you don’t see it here, drop us an email and we will find it for you.